A Disheartening Subject

At the first official meeting on October 19th of 2015,  the committee discussed the concerns that are important to the Tribeca community such as: Commercial Real Estate and Scaffolding. 

Currently, there are many empty storefronts throughout the Tribeca Area. Because rents have skyrocketed over the past few years, small businesses are struggling to rent these spaces while businesses that can afford the higher rents, such as banks and convenience stores, are starting to take over the landscape, irreversibly changing the character of the community. Another problem that has affected many business is scaffolding. Much like commercial banks and large businesses, scaffolding overwhelms much of Manhattan. 

These problems continue to persist and inhibit the growth of Tribeca as a community. To address these issues, the Tribeca Alliance Partnership needs the support of city agencies and the implementation of strict regulations that protect small business. 

One voice cannot get the attention needed to address so many of these issues. We need many voices to be noticed. To learn more about the Scaffolding Problem in Tribeca please watch the following video of Tribeca Alliance President, Ann Benedetto at the Manhattan Red Tape Hearing (This starts at the 1:00:00 mark):