Anything is Paws-ible: Dudley's Paw

In 1992, Yvonne Fox had the brilliant idea of opening her own small business. Her dog, Dudley, had become too large for her to bathe by herself, but the nearest pet groomer was in the Village. It was then Yvonne decided to create Dudley’s Paw- a grooming and pet-supply store in Tribeca.

However; in the twenty-four years Dudley’s Paw has been in business, just like any owner, Yvonne has encountered her fair share of problems. During the early 2000s, many small businesses suffered decline in the wake of 9/11. At the time, Yvonne and other business owners received support from the local government, but not since. In fact, early this year, Yvonne experienced quite a scare. In the middle of the night, she received a call from the police informing her that her storefront window had been shattered. Thankfully, nothing had been stolen, but the perpetrators,  were not caught.


Despite the different challenges she’s experienced over the years, Yvonne continues to find joy in her unique social connection with her customers.

Learn more in the video below, support Yvonne and keep Dudley’s Paw a special place for owners and pets alike.