Edgy & Urban: A Uno Tribeca



A UNO TRIBECA is a shop that offers sportswear collections, accessories and shoes from all over the world; we present innovative designers that have a downtown urban vibe with a slight edge.




Tribeca is a downtown landmark of cast iron buildings, great restaurants, antique shops and the sought-after loft living. It is also been the home of A Uno Tribeca since 2002.

A Uno Tribeca, our corner shop is located in a landmark building with its massive windows that hold the promise of an adventure into the world of design; each window shows off a different fashion statement to be enjoyed by every passerby.

We select international collections from new and established designers;   Rundholtz, an edgy collection from Germany.   High, trendy sportswear from Italy.   Sarah Pacini, soft stylish knits from Belgium. Aimee g, shows off her downtown bohemian looks from the Big Apple.  Monica Castiglioni, designs sculptured jewelry from Milan. Trippen, the most offbeat shoes from Berlin and so much more.

Our staff shows the many possibilities to each client as they are guided through the collections identifying the looks that will complement each individual’s style.  A Uno Tribeca presents an opportunity to reveal or reinvent your true self; we offer answers to the question ”what should I wear?”

If you see yourself as a slave to fashion or someone in between; you will find A Uno Tribeca is the perfect shop to express yourself.

The welcoming atmosphere and friendly greeter (Niki our Shih Tzu) has captivated our neighborhood and he has many admirers who visit just to say hi.

To learn more about our shop, please visit us online at www.aunotribeca.com or at our store on 123 West Broadway (corner of Duane St.) New York, NY 10013 (212) 227-6233 Daily 11-7