Trinity Boxing Club

Interview with owner, Martin Snow

Trinity Boxing is truly unique. And so are its owners. More than a boxing gym, run by Martin Snow and his brother John Snow (the original John Snow by the way) it is a place to make people better through boxing. As Martin says, “there will never be another you in all of history, and we are the only ones who do what we do – we educate people in the sweet science and sport of boxing.” Be sure to stop by and see Martin. But if you see him outside, be ready to catch a football.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up Flatbush, Brooklyn. I am a Brooklyn guy. I grew up in a neighborhood, that’s why I am so passionate about the Tribeca neighborhood.

How did you start your business?

Now that is a long story. Short version is I got involved with boxing during college while at Fordham. I started at Gleason’s Gym. After college, I entered the NYC Golden Glove. I was pretty decent and made it to the finals at the Garden. In the early 1990’s, I started teaching boxing at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn and also at other health clubs and gyms. In 1997, we opened our own gym on New Street, behind the New York Stock Exchange. We survived the World Trade Center attacks, and in 2004 we opened Trinity Boxing at Greenwich and Carlisle Streets. We got flooded by Sandy, rebuilt, but ultimately had to move and came to Duane Street in 2016. We also opened a gym out in LA in 2006 since we were training so much there.

What is your business best known for?

Teaching boxing to anyone. And through boxing we make people better at what they do. Boxing has mental, physical and spiritual sides to it, so it challenges you in all those ways. We help people you find your guts, and teach you to think on your feet, literally and figuratively.

What is the best part of being in Tribeca?

Because it’s in NYC. I love New York. This location is good too because it’s in the shadow of the World Trade Center. We always remember what happened. We New Yorkers got knocked down hard, but we got back up and we never gave up. We still have to fight the good fight – making yourself, your neighbors and community better. And being here in Tribeca, I can do that.

How do you market your business?

Throwing a football. [Martin smiles]. I don’t really do any traditional marketing. It’s all been word of mouth and interacting with people. I will stand outside the gym, between sessions, talk to people, and a lot of times I will have my football. If you make eye contact, and have a hand free, you are an eligible receiver.

What advice would you give anyone starting a business in Tribeca?

Gotta love what you do. And when you open a business, you are not here just to make a buck, but to serve people, serve the neighborhood and try to make the neighborhood better.

Trinity Boxing Club
116 Duane Street, NYC 10013
(212) 374-9393 |